Galloway Gourmet Foods is a California based company that is passionate about Faith, Food and Fun.  

We started making the BBQ sauce in Inglewood, CA in 1981, when Ernie Johnson (EJ) and I were roommates.  We began making the sauce from a recipe that EJ had from his BBQ restaurant in Detroit, MI.  At first, we made the sauce exclusively for ribs.  Now, we use the sauce for all kinds of food.  Cooking ribs was a great way to invite girls to our apartment.  We knew the sauce was a winner, because the girls came back.  

For the next 20 years we moved to different cities, married, married and married again.   We started families and began to get old (retirement).  Every time we talked to each other we said we needed to do something with the sauce.  But we didn’t follow through.  We procrastinated.  


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Finally, in 2002, I took the plunge.  I modified the recipes to make the sweet and spicy flavor we have today and I started sharing it with my friends.  

Our first event was a tasting on the commuter train home from work on July 2, 2003.  We sold 10 bottles to 9 of the 14 passengers on the train.  WOW!  There may be a market for this sauce after all.  Before our next event we had to become a real business.  So I took a class ”Getting Started in the Specialty Food Business“.  I learned we needed a business plan, a corporate identity and a better label.  All of these things needed to speak to what our brand was all about.  One year later, we were back on the train testing the label and new found brand identity.  Another hit!  We wanted the label to portray the California lifestyle of active living in simple elegance.  We wanted to illustrate the many layers of flavors and the blending of taste that make California the home of ”I CAN DO THAT“.

We entered our local church (B.O.S.S.) BBQ contest and won 1st place for best ”ribs and sauce“ in October 2005.  We were so jazzed that we were ready to begin offering the sauce to specialty stores.  First, we needed to see if the sauce would sell to buyers at shows.  We went to the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco in January 2006 and sold three cases as part of the Golden West Specialty Foods booth.  The buyer from Flavors of the Sun, Keith Leslie, suggested that we enter the Fiery Foods show in Albuquerque, NM in 40 days.  We did.  Keith helped in our booth each of the three days.  We sold out of 20 cases of BBQ and dipping sauces in 2 and one half days of the 3 day event.  We also received our first commercial store orders at the show.

We know this sauce has been a blessing by the way the Lord has brought people and favor into our lives.  Our hope is that we may share this artful taste of God’s work in our lives with you and your family.


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